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Garena Free Fire Game Review

A new battle royale game, Free Fire, has been released by one of the top publishers in Indonesia, Garena. This mobile game can be played on both Android and iOS. Garena Free Fire Battleground begins with the landing of 50 players on an island, who must fight each other in order to survive till the end. The game is quite fast-paced and quickly ends in almost 10 minutes. It is easy to spot the similarities between Free Fire and other battle royale games such as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

Core Gameplay

As soon as you are dropped on an isolated island, your priority must be to explore the location to collect weapons. While you are busy fighting for survival and collecting weapons, the safe zone will start shrinking. In order to survive in the game, you must keep moving towards the safe zone.

The game starts getting challenging as the zone goes smaller and smaller. Is running the only option in the game? No! You can get around the island by using any one of the four vehicles, a jeep, pickup truck, a three-wheeled vehicle – Tuk Tuk, and Amphibious (travels on both land and sea).

There’s a little difference between Free Fire and other battle royale games when it comes to checking out the unique character system. Free Fire brings forth almost 10+ unlockable characters who have their unique playstyle. For instance, there’s a bodyguard character who can reload quickly and a nurse character who can restore hp while trying to revive allies.

Game Controls

Garena Free Fire has plenty of control options for players. You can choose to attack, duck or even lay down on the land. I found it a bit difficult to use the game controls when I was playing for the first time. But you can easily master them after playing the game at least 4-5 times.


Free Fire is not a very high spec game. I know that graphics is one of the most important things which players look for in the game. But this game is the best suited for mid to low spec phones. Garena has done a great job by optimizing the size of Free Fire, especially for Southeast Asian players who play games using mid to low-end phones. If you like to play battle royales, you are going to have a great time while playing this game with your friends.

Key Features of Free Fire

Huge PvP Battles: This game brings forth a thrilling experience for around 50 players who are placed on an isolated island to fight battles for survival.

Vehicles: You can choose to travel faster with the help of vehicles such as pickup truck and Jeep. Want to go across the sea or land? Pick the Amphibious option!

Character Customization: You can always grab the benefits by using a premium currency to buy outfits for your characters in the game. You can also buy outfits for your cute pet who will follow you around in the game.

Solo or Co-Op: You have the option to fight the battles in squads of 4 players. You could also use an in-game voice chat to communicate with fellow players.

10+ Unlockable Characters: There are fantastic characters available in the game who have their unique playstyle. For example, an athletic girl who has a great sprint speed.

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