Here’s What You Can Expect From The Next Generation Of Gaming

If you are a gamer, then you must have at least once wondered what the future of gaming would look like. Interestingly, the future of gaming appears to be quite promising and inspiring. Along with increased creativity, the introduction of several advanced services will totally change the way you play games.

With the advancement in technology, gamers will receive the next generation of gaming consoles. These consoles equipped with cloud technology will let the gamers, the creators and the streamers get closer to each other.

The next generation of games and gaming consoles will revolutionize your experience of gaming. You can expect a great improvement in the graphical power and the processing capacity. A major advancement in the CPU, GPU, storage and immersive technology would make the games all the more vivid and life-like.

A Brief Insight into Next-Generation Games

The 2013 Electronics Entertainment Expo brought to the forefront, the possibility of next-gen gaming consoles. Both Xbox and PlayStation will be introducing better gaming consoles and they aimed at revolutionizing the user’s gaming experience. With next-generation gaming consoles, comes the possibility of next-gen games.

As a gamer, you must feel fascinated with the idea of next-generation games. Here’s what you can expect from next-generation games:

1. Great Balance of Power and Speed

The next-generation gaming consoles are expected to provide an excellent blend of both power and speed in their processor. Developers will be making massive technological advancements at all fronts that would provide an amazingly unique gaming experience.

Custom Processor: All of the next-gen consoles would be powered by customized next-gen processors. Xbox, for instance, would be using the highly sophisticated and advanced Zen 2 and RDNA 2 components. This would enable the future consoles of Xbox to provide a processing capacity that is 4 times faster than the existing ones.

On top of that, the improved GPU would allow the games to have higher frame rates, larger game worlds along with immersive gaming experience.

Variable Rate Shading VRS or Variable Rate Shading is a patented technology from Xbox that allows their consoles to make use of the optimum power. In VRS, the GPU cycles are not evenly spent on each and every pixel of the screen. Rather, certain individual effects on particular characters and gaming environments are given importance to.

VRS technology provides better resolution and higher frame rates to a particular game.

Hardware-accelerated Ray-tracing

The next generation of consoles will also employ sophisticated technology that is usually employed in Hollywood. This technology will allow next-gen games to have highly realistic environments. It would feel like you are playing a game not in the virtual world, but in the real world.

With hardware-accelerated ray-tracing, you can get life-like lighting, reflections, and even realistic acoustics. These would enable the game to have a lively gaming environment.
2. Immersion
When it comes to next-gen gaming, you would not have to spend time waiting long for the game to start. It will be all about gaming. Moreover, many gamers have already demanded that games must have low latency. This would make the games all the more precise and immersed.

To make future gaming a bit faster, developers have introduced various new technological aspects in the next-gen gaming consoles. These features include:
Fast Resume
Sometimes, you may need to pause your game midway to attend to something important. However, once you come back, starting the game from where you left becomes a bit tiring. With the included Quick Resume feature, you can promptly start the game right from where you had left.

You will not have to wait or go through one or more loading screens. You can return to your game almost instantly without wasting even a single second.
SSD Storage
With an improved storage system on the next-gen consoles, you can expect an improvement in the overall advancement of the gaming experience. Each and every aspect of gaming will undergo a massive change.
DLI (Dynamic Latency Output)
The Dynamic Latency Output is a specialized technology that enables the responsiveness of the gaming controls of the console. The DLI technology allows immediate synchronization of inputs and commands. As a result, the latency period is highly optimized.

With a responsive and precise control panel, you can control the games in a much more efficient way.
120 fps
The next-generation gaming console is able to support up to 120 frames per second. As a result, developers can create games that require more than the standard 60fps speed.
3. Better Graphics
The first requisite of every next-gen game would be having highly superior graphics. It is needless to say that if developers are provided with faster hardware, then they’ll offer graphically superior games. You can expect all the next-gen games to have higher resolution and smoothness when it comes to the graphical quality.

In the next-generation games, powered by next-gen consoles, you can see more objects and characters on the screen at the same time. In other words, with the help of modernized graphics cards, the overall appearance of the game will change for the better.
4. Dynamic Simulations
It is interesting to note that the graphics in next-gen games would be superior because of the advanced graphics cards. The developers would greatly include physics and highly realistic computer simulations in the games. This would allow you to experience a feeling of complete immersion. On top of that, such realistic simulations are bound to influence and affect the world around you.

With next-gen games, you can have more than a thousand animations just for the basic movements. Moreover, the games would calculate how each movement should react to the other players’ movements. The inclusion of simulations will help make the games all the more lively.
5. Open World
You can also expect the next-gen games to take place in the vast outside world. This would mean that the characters in the games have to traverse more. You would be able to move around in a bigger environment thus making next-games more engaging.

You would have to travel through vast seas, oceans, mountains or move through various cities and metropolises. Travelling through different types of landscapes would give you a sense of discovery and adventure.
6. Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality is a new technology that has brought about a great revolution in the field of gaming. The next-generation game developers have adopted this technology to totally change the concept of gaming. This is an interactive technology that allows you to modify 3D objects into a 3D environment.

According to game developers and gaming experts, Augmented Reality has the capacity to bring in the element of surprise to gamers. Different developers are considering the development of games on Augmented reality platforms.

In AR devices, smartphones, PCs and cameras are used to superimpose and juxtapose graphics on to a real environment. However, to get the experience of AR, you will need the help of various devices and components such as lenses and glasses. With the augmented reality technology, you would feel as if you are just in the middle of the action.

You can fight aliens, monsters, win over kingdoms all while you are in the real world. You do not need to get inside a screen to enjoy the game. The AR technology is also capable of scanning your room and then designing the environment of your game accordingly.

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