Paper Mario: The Origami King for Nintendo Switch is releasing on July 17th, 2020

Nintendo has recently surprised the Paper Mario fans by announcing an unexpected game on May 14th, 2020. The name of this new game is Paper Mario: The Origami King. It will be released for Switch on July 17th, 2020. Nintendo has released a debut trailer of this new game too.

The Origami King is known to be developed by veterans at Intelligent Systems. It is a ring-based battle royale which is a combination of riddle-solving skills and traditional turn-based combat. In the new game, Princess Peach is behaving a bit weirdly, and the game’s papercraft world appears disarrayed due to the malicious figure, King Olly. Moreover, Bowser’s minions are found to be forcibly working under the new monarch. Bowser has even come forward to provide his assistance to Mario. Super Mario has a lot of tools which can help him in taking back the kingdom.

He can also use a special power called ‘1000-Fold Arms’ to manipulate the environment in the game. He can use this power to directly interact with the landscape by pulling, peeling, stretching and revealing new spots. This power will help Mario to unravel mysteries and solve puzzles. As you keep playing, you’ll receive help from a few characters such as Olivia, sister of King Olly.

The announcement of Paper Mario new game is a total surprise for the Super Mario fans all over the world. But the fans must start getting used to receiving such surprises from Nintendo, as there will be many more surprises which will be unravelled in future.

Nintendo is widely known for making announcements for their major games in the same year that they are released, instead of cajoling fans with promotion schemes way in advance.

Understandably, Nintendo is focusing on announcements for their video games with solid releasing dates. It is expected that Nintendo will be coming up with many more games in the year 2020.

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