Ubisoft sued the big tech companies Google & Apple for ‘Rainbow Six Seige’

Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft is having a problem with the release of a video game, Rainbow Six Seige. This video game is now the centre of a serious legal action which was taken by Ubisoft against the two biggest tech companies in the world. According to reports, Ubisoft had sent their complaints regarding the infringing on the copyrights of the game to both companies, Apple and Google. But there was no known action taken by them to remove the game from either the App Store or Google Play Store. That’s when Ubisoft went ahead and took legal action. Until now, there is not even a single representative from big tech companies like Alibaba, Google or Apple, who has come forward to give an official comment on this lawsuit.

As reported by Bloomberg, Ubisoft has filed a lawsuit against Apple & Google over Area F2. This is a mobile shooter game which was launched by the most popular Chinese mega-corporation, Alibaba along with its subsidiary, Ejoy. Ubisoft claims that their shooter game has a lot of similarities to Siege. It’s not hard to pinpoint the great number of features copied in Area F2. Even if you check out the game for just five minutes, you will come to know that the work has been copied from the original Ubisoft’s game.

Ubisoft filed a complaint in the US Federal court which is situated in Los Angeles. It accused that Area F2 was more of a ‘‘near carbon copy’’ of their game Seige. Moreover, Ubisoft claims that Area F2 copies almost ‘‘virtually every aspect’’ of Seige, “from the operator selection screen to the final scoring screen, and everything in between.”

Seige is one of the “most valuable intellectual properties” of Ubisoft. It has around 55 million registered players and more than a million copies of the game have been sold. Moreover, Seige also has a healthy esports scene. Ubisoft is known to put in consistent efforts to attract more success to this game. It is quite understandable why Ubisoft is not ready to take infringing copyright matters lightly. Ubisoft comments about their competitors by saying, that they are “constantly looking for ways to piggyback on R6S’s popularity and to capture the attention, and money, of R6S players.”

Apart from the recent lawsuit, Ubisoft is continuously working on developing new content for the game. The follow up to Seige is about to get released by next year. It will be a horror-themed co-op shooter video game, called Rainbow Six Quarantine.

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